Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Little Paper Lane

On the hunt for Life as a Magazine's "Little Book of MT Masking Tape" zine, I came across a lovely online shop called Little Paper Lane. As a stationery addict it ticked all my boxes, especially the box called "mt tape". I've been collecting quite a few designs now (which I'll share in another post!) and it's always nice adding new rolls to my collection.

I found the elusive zine as well as a couple of squeal enducing tape rolls. When I opened the package I was surprised to see my goods were lovingly wrapped in striped paper and decked out with tape!


Since the paper had a smooth surface I was able to peel off all the tape to re-use. Don't they look pretty all lined up like this?

These are the two tapes I bought. I love that they are collaged and one has gold on it!

And here we have the zine I was eager to get. It has a little bit of background history on what MT tape is and where it came from.

I want to cover a whole page with tape like this.

There is some collage pieces that Jenna has made from tape and images cut out of Japanese fashion magazines (which by the way always have amazing styling and fantastic layouts).

She includes some projects as well as extra ideas on how to wrap and decorate gifts.

And at the end is a nice collection of books about using tape in different ways.

I really liked how the zine was like a miniature magazine with the glossy cover and colour insides. It had great little tips and I loved oggling the different tape patterns. This zine is a must for the tape aficionado!

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  1. Hi Niina! Thanks for writing up this delightful post about my mt zine, so happy to hear you enjoyed it! I feel very special to have my zine stocked at such a wonderful store as Little Paper Lane.
    By the way love the mt bows! xo