Sunday, March 24, 2013

Life in the Aviary Necklaces

It sure has been a while since I've shown you new products! I've got a huge update in the works and I'll be putting up all my jewellery onto the online shop so that those of you who either don't live in Perth or don't get a chance to come to markets, will be able to see and hopefully purchase my work :)

A new series that I've been working on since last November (oh my gosh really?! Time sure has flown!), is called "Life in the Aviary" and is inspired by my childhood memories of listening to my sister's birds singing outside my bedroom window. She had a large variety of birds over the years and I've featured them all except the canary and pigeon we didn't have but I would have liked to!






My favourites are the Cockatiel and the Budgie, which one is yours? All these necklaces are up in my shop!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cutest haircut

Just saw this video on the Hello Sandwich blog. Giving me urges to cut my hair short again! Although I don't think my face is cute enough to pull off this particular style :P

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hello 2013


It's hard to believe it's already 2013! It's funny how as an adult years just fly by and you wish time would slow down and occasionally just stop altogether, yet as a child time just dragged and it would seem forever until you had another birthday or had summer holidays. Sometimes I still wish I was a child, but when I was a child I don't think I completely realised how great it was to be small.


Anywho! 2012 was quite a year...

+ We bought our first home! It's been fun decorating it and planning for renovations in the coming years (kitchen and bathroom/laundry is going to be completely gutted).

+ Panko came into our lives! He's calmed down a lot now and isn't quite as naughty as he used to be.

+ Although I haven't mentioned it on the blog, I had a liver biopsy (results were normal) and it was one of the grossest things I've ever felt, which is a lot coming from me because I oddly enjoy a lot of the medical things I've had to do (for example : when you get a body scan sometimes they need to put some iodine into you for contrast so they can see what's going on in your scans a lot better, it makes you feel like you wet yourself! It's a very odd warm sensation hehe). But this liver biopsy, they stab a needle into you and I felt the needle stab my liver like a knife stabbing through a thick chunk of meat. Makes me feel icky just thinking about it!

+ Did several pop-up shops and markets with Montage Collective. We intend to do more this year too!

Now I'm sure there were more things but this heat I'm sitting in right now (40C!!!) is turning my brain slowly into mush. Another reason I haven't blogged earlier. My body is not made for this heat! I have a terrible time regulating my body temperature, if it gets too hot I can't cool down easy, and then when I get too cold it takes a long time for me feel warm again. We don't have air-con either, so a lot of the time Mr. A and I spend our time spraying each other with water and sitting in front of the fan i.e. poor mans version of air-con.

I don't have any particular goals this year. I always break my promises so I think it's better if I just don't say anything at all! Instead I will leave you with a photo of my Moomin figurine collection xx


Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas everyone! The end of this year has been a super busy one for me and I haven't had the chance to blog about any of it. I've got new things in the pipeline for eeva margita that I'm really really excited about. Once Christmas is over I'll have some time to actually share them with you! I hope you all have a safe and wonderful holiday, and make sure you eat lots of super tasty food :)

P.S. Look how big Panko has become! He's so chubbed up!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

My little baby

You've seen an illustrated version of my cat through peeks at my zine and now you get to see how ridiculously cute he is in real life! Meet Panko!





He's almost 6 months old now and an Exotic Shorthair (basically a persian with short hair). I have a thing for squishy faced animals and I'd wanted an Exotic for so long. When we moved to our apartment it felt so weird to not have animals around me. Ever since I was about 3 years old I've always had at least 1 animal around. So we decided to get Panko! He's super naughty as kittens are but you can't stay too mad at that flat face for too long :) Read more about him in my zine, available from my etsy store.

Montage #6!G

Montage is popping up again! Gosh sometimes it's hard to believe that this is our sixth one already. It's been so much fun and it's great to have our own little space even if it's just for a short time. Thank you to all who have supported us, I hope you get to support us for our sixth venture too!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Big Update

Things have been quiet on the blog for the past 2 months! I've been busy with work and doing a pop up shop plus markets. I've uploaded some of my new things into the shop. Below are a few of the things I've put there. Click through to the shop to see more :)






The last one is of my new zine! Another cat themed one, this time about my new exotic shorthair kitty!! I'll do a proper post about him soon when I have some free time. He is so stinking cute (but super super naughty as kittens are).

Other blog posts I have up my sleeve is a crafternoon session with a dear friend and a post about some gastronomical delights I've been having lately xx

Friday, August 3, 2012

Pop up Shop & Workshop

If you're in Perth you can come see my goods in person during August and why not join in on a bow making workshop! Click each image to see in more detail. Get all the news from the Montage Blog and Facebook.

Felt Brooches

The first time my mum taught me how to sew when I was about 8 or 9, it was using felt for fabric. No need to worry about fraying, easy to hand sew and comes in a rainbow of colours. Ever since then, I've been hooked on using felt.

My first project was stitching up tiny outfits for my Barbie's babies. I remember I had a mega fat needle (I couldn't find a thin needle, have no idea why!) and it took me so long but I was so proud when I had finished a little blue romper for the baby.

Other projects I did was sewing little animal softies and trying to sell them at flea markets. I don't think I sold any (except to one of my mother's friends who must have taken pity on me) but I had a great time making them. I wish I still had one to see how far my sewing skills have grown but unfortunately they were probably thrown in the bin as I grew up and decided I didn't need things like that.

Even now I don't have a lot of my projects with me as most of the time I made them as gifts for friends birthdays or Christmas presents. However I did take photos and it is always nice to look back on what I have made.

My foray into being a small business has seen me flit from one technique to another but I tend to revert back to felt every now and again. It's a comforting medium and the colours make me just so happy! And my latest project has made me even happier.

"Mökki" (Finnish for 'cottage')

"Mr. Fox"

"Kani" (Finnish for 'rabbit')

The rabbits are my favourite! Don't you love that feeling when you get something right? When it's even better than you imagined it in your head? I'm looking forward to making more and I hope everyone else likes them as much as me. These are going into the pop up shop I'm a part of this month (I'll make a separate post for this) so I will make some new ones to go in the online store.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Winter Made on the Left Market

I was naughty and forgot to mention I'd be at the Made on the Left market last weekend, I posted about it on facebook but I've been neglecting my blog a little (if you haven't already 'liked' eeva margita on FB go do it now to keep up to date with new happenings ).

I took my camera and snapped some pics at the end of the day when the crowd had quietened down and I could have a little breather. There were some seriously amazing things there! I felt a little like I was at the Finders Keepers market (or how I imagine it would feel since I have sadly never been to one). The quality was amazing and I wish I had lots of money to go buy all the pretty things. But I had to be content with just taking photos, which I will share with you all and perhaps you will see something you like!

This is a bit of a mega post so prepare yourself for lots of photos!



I was able to do photos from a balcony (Finders Keepers style hehe), doesn't it look so cool! The market was held in the State Theatre.

Photos of some of my new things - a few new hand painted mahogany pendants.

Hand stitched and embroidered felt brooches. I love the bunny ones I made!! I don't normally fall in love too much with my own work (I'm a harsh personal critic!), but this one my excitement about it rose stitch by stitch. I'll have some in the etsy shop soon.

Little Finnish cottages, I wish my place looked like this.

I made washi tape bunting to hang above my table, it's a little hard to see but you get the gist!

My neighbour Little Mo & Friends, she always has such an amazing looking stall, so jealous!

Lovely pod necklace by Eden Dreams.

Also by Eden Dreams.

This necklace was so hard to get a photo of! The lighting was a little dark in this area so combined with my shaky hands it was tough but I managed to get one that was reasonably in focus. Necklace by Novella-Ria.


This photo and the above photo are sweet mother and daughter dresses by Dizzy Daisy. If I had a child I would have snapped up several of those outfits!




Aren't all these felted foxes and bunnies, plate necklaces so so wonderful?! All made by A Story Of.



These 3 photos feature Enid Twiglet (best name ever!).

Lovely softies by Anna Hadwin.


Tall Rabbit make seriously the cutest things ever!

The most beautiful letterpressed coasters by Fluid Ink.

This is one of the nicest stalls I saw there. It's a small collective of friends called Small Things.

I don't who made these out of the collective but they are so cute! A friend bought me the pug one as a house warming gift, it's going to look perfect in my display cupboard.



Amazing illustrator Natasha Muhl, who is also very nice to chat to.

These owls were part of her display and she let me take one home!

And last but not least, Moss & Twig. I would never have the patience to sew each of those scales individually so I am in absolute awe of her.

So as you can see it was a great day, I had fun meeting new people (for a bit of an introvert like me that's not very often, I tend to shy away from talking to people I'm not familiar with) and I am so so excited for future Made on the Left's!