Friday, August 3, 2012

Felt Brooches

The first time my mum taught me how to sew when I was about 8 or 9, it was using felt for fabric. No need to worry about fraying, easy to hand sew and comes in a rainbow of colours. Ever since then, I've been hooked on using felt.

My first project was stitching up tiny outfits for my Barbie's babies. I remember I had a mega fat needle (I couldn't find a thin needle, have no idea why!) and it took me so long but I was so proud when I had finished a little blue romper for the baby.

Other projects I did was sewing little animal softies and trying to sell them at flea markets. I don't think I sold any (except to one of my mother's friends who must have taken pity on me) but I had a great time making them. I wish I still had one to see how far my sewing skills have grown but unfortunately they were probably thrown in the bin as I grew up and decided I didn't need things like that.

Even now I don't have a lot of my projects with me as most of the time I made them as gifts for friends birthdays or Christmas presents. However I did take photos and it is always nice to look back on what I have made.

My foray into being a small business has seen me flit from one technique to another but I tend to revert back to felt every now and again. It's a comforting medium and the colours make me just so happy! And my latest project has made me even happier.

"Mökki" (Finnish for 'cottage')

"Mr. Fox"

"Kani" (Finnish for 'rabbit')

The rabbits are my favourite! Don't you love that feeling when you get something right? When it's even better than you imagined it in your head? I'm looking forward to making more and I hope everyone else likes them as much as me. These are going into the pop up shop I'm a part of this month (I'll make a separate post for this) so I will make some new ones to go in the online store.


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    1. Thanks Enid! Such a compliment from someone who makes amazing things :)