Sunday, March 24, 2013

Life in the Aviary Necklaces

It sure has been a while since I've shown you new products! I've got a huge update in the works and I'll be putting up all my jewellery onto the online shop so that those of you who either don't live in Perth or don't get a chance to come to markets, will be able to see and hopefully purchase my work :)

A new series that I've been working on since last November (oh my gosh really?! Time sure has flown!), is called "Life in the Aviary" and is inspired by my childhood memories of listening to my sister's birds singing outside my bedroom window. She had a large variety of birds over the years and I've featured them all except the canary and pigeon we didn't have but I would have liked to!






My favourites are the Cockatiel and the Budgie, which one is yours? All these necklaces are up in my shop!

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  1. My brother has a nest full of cockatiel chicks - they are adorable!

    You have captured that perfectly!

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