Monday, January 9, 2012

Washi Tape Decorating


Ever since reading the Hello Sandwich blog I've become really obsessed with Japanese washi tape (as well as getting very nostalgic about Japan, I want to go back there!). Washi tape is so easy to use, it tears beautifully, comes in a large rainbow of colours and patterns and it doesn't leave a messy glue mark when you peel it off a surface. It's like magic!

Last week I went into Mt Lawley to one of my favourite shops Zakka Box and bought some flowery tape. Then in the city I was in the Art Gallery gift shop and they had tape too! So I got a stack of the orange ones. The pink pattered ones in the above photo I bought a long time ago from Kikki.k (another well frequented shop). Unfortunately they don't seem to do tapes anymore :( And the black ones are from the Art Gallery gift shop from a year or so ago.


I wanted new holders for my pens and remembered seeing some nice ones in Bunnings (their craft section is pretty awesome). At first I thought to paint them then I had the wonderful idea of decorating them with my washi tape! And ta-da~, this is the result. I first varnished the surface to make sure the tape would stick then I used a craft knife to trim the edges flush. The great thing is, when I get tired of it I can just change the tape! Next time I might try cutting shapes from the tape and make some patterns...I will need more tape :D

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