Monday, January 2, 2012

Hello 2012


Like last year, we spent new year's eve burning through sparklers and being silly in the back yard. And then we had a ball doing jumping photos, trying to emulate Yowa Yowa Camera (although nowhere near as awesome as her, do take a look she's amazing).


I think 2011 was a little quieter than 2010. It was still a good year and I had fun...
+ With my friends we started the Montage Collective and did not 1, but 4 pop-up shops!
+ I got to watch Gemma Ward in her first play "The Ugly One", she is so stunning.
+ A friend had an engagement party which was actually a wedding! Apparently everyone had figured it out...not me, I was completely duped.
+ Went to Hong Kong in May for a week, love it there so much.
+ Got accepted into the On The Wall exhibition at the Sydney Finders Keepers.
+ Did my very first Upmarket in November!

Last year I made a lot of promises for 2011 which I unfortunately didn't keep. It's always like that with new years resolutions. You make them with the best of intentions, you do fine for a few weeks, at best a couple of months, then they just fall to the side and get consumed by the larger things in life. So for this year I won't promise anything except one thing:

I'm going to be positive.

I am quite a pessimist and sometimes I'll convince myself that things are so so bad that I'll never get out. It's an awful way of thinking and I'm trying to change it so I can stop being sad and just be happy with the present. So hopefully by the time it's 2013 I'll do a post about how happy I was in 2012? Only time will tell :) xoxo


  1. That's a very nice goal and a great way to start the new year too! Love the photos, they are so awesome and funny!!

    I think 2011 was a pretty good year for you! Business wise, creative wise and love wise :D Here's wishing you a very happy and positive 2012!!

  2. Oh, I can completely relate to the whole pessimist thing! But I guess we all have the ability for change :) I hope this year brings about many wonderful opportunities and experiences for you niina!

    The photos look great also, you and the bf are so photogenic!