Saturday, April 11, 2009

Unwrapped Goodie Haul

I picked a few things from the market that I absolutely adore! First up is a little bag of awesome from the stall Made of Awesome, it was run by several graphic designers (who I graduated with from uni!).


The bag is designed by Janice Law of little miso. I love it to death! I have a thing for brown paper bags and this one is just perfect.

I picked up the cutest little card but I don't remember who made it! Me and my crappy memory...


Also I picked up an art print with a kitten and a duckling on it by Sheryl Derilo! Just crazy cute, how could I not buy it?


And then at another stall called Little Mo and Friends run by my ever so wonderful and talented buddy, Helena, I treated myself to one of her letter sets (featuring cats, my all time favourite animal) and a little set of gift tags. She was a doll and popped in a free strip of stickers for me! Isn't the little brown bag she created to put the goodies into so cute?



  1. i love that brown paper bag too, so beautifully drawn!! xxxxx love it love it! 100 times better than my paper bag woman!