Friday, April 10, 2009

Unwrapped Overview

Eek again I'm so late with the updating but I have a valid reason this time! I got sick and had to go to hospital for surgery and then once I was discharged the antibiotics they gave me made me violently sick and so I had to go back to the emergency room. But I feel much better now and am able to sit at my computer for short periods of time...hopefully my concentration will be back soon so I can tackle my uni work!

So on with the report of Unwrapped:
Unwrapped 2009 South Perth

So that's me up there ugh. Helena posted this on her blog (since she was the one that took the photo) so I guess I'll post it here too even though I don't like exposing my face on the internet. I've become much better at doing my displays! Still not all that happy about it, but the market went quite well. Not as well as I wanted but better than any other market I have done. I think for the next market I want to start phasing out most of my stuff and take things in a slightly different direction. Although I like the children's stuff I think I'm forcing it a little and pigeon holing myself a tad.

It was fun looking around at the other people's stall, there were a lot I hadn't seen and I even saw a couple of uni friends there selling their stuff! I picked up a couple of things, I'll show you in the next post (which hopefully won't be too far in the future!). I even bumped into a previous uni lecturer with her cute cute baby and a few people I recognised from uni. I also saw so many cute dogs I kept squealing every 5 minutes!

Once I'm feeling better I promise new art! I have it all inked I just need to paint it, so I'll show it soon my pretties...only thing is it will be out of date because it is Easter related, oh well!

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  1. I think your stall looks super sweet! rich thinks so too, and he said he liked that cat card very much and so he was very pleased that i bought it. xxxxxxxxxx

    i want to see more cards!!!