Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter Y'all!

I hope everyone has had a nice relaxing Easter :) I spent the day eating chocolate, watching a movie (The Village, I had seen it before but my sister hadn't), doing some uni work and surfing the net as per usual.

Yesterday I finished the Easter cards I made for my cousin's children! I just suddenly got a burst of energy and stayed up til 1am finishing these.

First up is the card for the little baby


What could be inside the egg??


A little baby chick of course!

And for the little madam, a basket of goodies...


but look! Somebody is hiding, is it a bunny?


No! It's a pony pretending to be a bunny!

And for the little man of the family, he too gets a basket of goodies...


But I have a feeling it's not a bunny that is hiding in there...


Why it's a dinosaur pretending to be a bunny!

I hope the kids like the cards, the package will also include chocolates for the elder two and a pair of super cute yellow terry towelling bloomers for the baby! They'll be a little late but it will be a nice surprise for them :)


  1. Seriously CUTE!!! I love the little bunny disguised creative and fun!

    Happy Easter! :)

  2. The dinosaur one is SO COOL!

  3. Oh those are so cute! I love the whole idea with the hidden card parts, and the horsey and dinosaur with the bunny ears are just so adorable!

    I haven't seen the Village before either. I should totally sit down with a huge stack of movies during the between semester break and watch all the movies I haven't gotten around to watching.

  4. damn cute niina! The chick in a little cracked egg hahahahh!! And i love the cute horse..he's like flying with little bunny ears lol!!! xxxxx