Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Pixie Life

I don't like to post photos of myself but my friend Helena wanted me to blog about this so she could see my hair, so this is for you babycakes!

I cut my hair real short a few weeks back. Pretty much all my life I've had long hair, I was born with lots of hair grew it out to my bottom but when I came to Australia I chopped it off to my shoulders (I was about 5). I think it grew out a bit then when I was 6 I thought my sister's friend was so pretty and she had hair bluntly cut to her chin. So I had my mom cut it the same way and lol it looked it really bad on me because my hair would fluff out to the shape of a triangle. From there I just grew it out and it was always roughly between my shoulders and half way down my back. I don't think I ever grew it down my bum again. About 4 years ago I cut it pretty short so it was in a bob kind of style but I hated it and grew it out. Lately I've had hair sitting above my shoulders and then grew it a bit past my shoulders. And then I decided to do what I've always wanted to do - get a Mia Farrow pixie cut.

New Hair 1New Hair 2

I was always too chicken to go this short because I thought it would make me look like a boy since I don't have any overly girly features. But I really like...except it's a pain to style. So when I'm at home and don't need to go anywhere, I don't style it and it looks so funny! Right now the front is sticking up and there's a little piece that is hanging across my forehead...but no photos, no need to embarrass myself :)

The photos were edited with a little program called Poladroid. It's so awesome. I love polaroids and the program can change the way you want the photo to be processed. The first photo I left it on default and the second one I had it processed with a paper finish so that's why there are fingermarks on it. Go download it and have fun, it's free!


  1. Your new haircut looks lovely!

    I have pixie hair too. I always had hair down to the middle of my back, until abut 10 years back I got bored of it and had it cut off to about jawbone length. After that, it's just gotten shorter and shorter. :)
    I was worried about going very short as well, since my features aren't very feminine either, but I find that the short "Jean Seberg"-style pixie cut works better with my face shape than having longer hair.

  2. You're absolutely adorable! So cute! :)

    I could only wish I would look that good with short hair. My cousin experimented on me, while she was getting her license in hair. I was only in kindergarten, but someone thought I was a boy! I was so traumatized that I vowed never to get my hair cut short again! :)

  3. Love the short hair. Very flattering on your pretty face!

  4. I love it! I love it!!! I think you look so chic and cute! Looking at your pixie cut reminds me of my pixie cut too ...which was ages ago! Imagine if we both had pixie cuts, we'd be like sisters!

    But i definitely think your new hairdo makes you look fresh and happy! Good on ya sweetie! xxxx

  5. Hahaha... Remember when I saw you at Ikea? I told Michael that and he was like, "How's her hair look?" I was like, "Hair?" So yeah... I didn't notice and now I was feeling pretty stupid. I was a bit out of it that day so I guess I can be forgiven right? Anyway, it looks good! Now I want to go get a super short hair cut.

  6. oh too cute! I love it. OMG the word verification is "flarkpoo" ROFL

    get yourself some Gritty Business by Paul Murphy, I just chuck that in mine when it is wet and done!

  7. just to clear any confusion that you or helena might have, the previous Richard is not me but I agree with him anyway! haha