Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Made on the Left

Yay I got an email today saying I was accepted into the Made on the Left market!

So if you live in Perth, W.A., Australia, mark the 15th of November into your diaries! It's from 10-4pm at the Hyde Park Hotel, 331 Bulwer St North Perth. I'll have my little table filled with goodies like in my previous post!


  1. That is great Niina! =D
    wish you all the best there. Seems like a really interesting event to go to, too bad I wasn't in Australia or I would have definitely been there to support ya =). Well regardless, you got my support all the way here from Canada *hugs*

  2. good to hear niina!! xxxx keep making those bunnies!! xx h

  3. your handmade stuff is so awesome X3 Would you ever do dolly clothing? I'd buy it. They'd be sooo cute :X

    -Rachel from illus here, btw

  4. Rachel - I've tried making dolly clothes (I have a Blythe doll) but they are so hard to make because they are so tiny! My fingers end up feeling like giant sausages from the clumsiness :P

  5. Hi Niina,
    I enjoyed seeing your work tonight at the Curtin exhibition. I was the one who suggested SCBWI to you. It's up to you anyway. I am planning on going to the Made on the Left market this Saturday too, and I just noticed you will be there :)