Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Market goodies

Finally got around to applying for the markets I want to sell at. I had one other thing I was working on but so far it hasn't worked out which is a real bummer, I'll keep trying to make it work though...

But the other things worked out fine and photos came out reasonably well (I am a real rubbish photographer!)

The completed Buhni cushion from the previous post!
Buhni cushion

I've still got to make about 23 more, that's my aim anyway!


I've posted a WIP in my flickr of these mini paintings ages ago. I really like working on a very small surface, these are little coasters but I thought it would be great as a mini painting.


I'm loving these. They are brooches made from felt and laminated prints of Little Red. I have to make up some more original designs, I've been thinking of a cuckoo clock!


  1. supercute!
    sweet blog and sweet style of illustation, love it!! :)

  2. So cute, Niina!

    I love the bunny cushion, it looks like you put a lot of work and I think the photo is great!

    Good luck with the one that didn't turn out, I hate when that happens :(

  3. Those paintings are so great! And I love the big bun.

  4. wow I love the mini bunny painting to the right, and those little red riding brooches are genius!

  5. oo! u have to let us know which markets you are going to sell at. I definately want one of those cushions!

  6. mini pantings are adorable.
    Thanks for visiting me.

  7. eeep! i want a cushion niina! any idea on how much you're going to be charging lady?