Friday, October 24, 2008

I've been so inactive!

I'm so sorry I've been so quiet and not posting anything for weeks! I realised that the last time I posted a picture was back in September, how lazy of me. I have been busy too...not just lazy! Uni has almost come to a close for the year and I've been kept busy with assignments and planning for the graduation exhibition. I've got one more class to attend and 2 assignments to hand in, eek! I'm feeling a little overwhelmed lately there's so much going through my head about what to do for uni, what happens after uni, will I get illustration jobs, will I have to take on a crappy ordinary job so I'll have money, will my business venture of selling my crafts work out...the list is endless really and I am a huge worry wart. Anything you can think of, I'll worry about it. I'm trying not to and keep talking to myself to stay optimistic but sometimes it's hard. Like today, I got notified that I didn't get into one of the markets I applied for and I feel real bummed about that. I was put onto a shortlist for future events but it's still not a guarantee.

Anyways, enough of the depressing talk! I have a nice illustration to share with you :)


I did it for a uni assignment, it's used for the front of a self-promotional postcard that I can send out to potential clients (also to be used as my Xmas card this year hehe). I really love how the wombat came out! He's so fat and roly poly and I think I got the balance of the body just perfect. I would love to create a little story for him...maybe one day :)

I'll post pictures of the actual postcard (I got it printed!) another day. Today was too overcast and rainy to take any good photos :P And I promise to update a little more often! I have more illustrations to share I just need to resize them for posting so please check back soon!


  1. Don't worry; your work is lovely and I am sure you'll do well!

    I love the wombat! :)

  2. Awww I know how you feel, Niina! The end of uni was stressful for me too, well the end of every uni semester was, but it feels weird to be finishing! I also worry about everything like you so I hope you feel calmer and less-stressed soon, and don't feel too bad about the market ♥

    The wombat illustration is so gorgeous, a great Christmas card!

  3. you should make sets of xmas cards for etsy... i'd buy one! i agree about the "rolypoly-ness"...super cute. wishing you lots of work!!!