Friday, December 31, 2010

End of 2010


Wow I can't believe the year has almost finished! This year has been a really great year. I never say that, I'm always a bit dissapointed but this year I am thoroughly satisfied. Looking back I had so much fun and joy...
+ Meeting my partner, falling in love, all that sappy stuff!
+ Seeing Helena get married
+ Getting a job at Future Shelter
+ Doing a fashion shoot for Korean fashion label "Basic House"
+ Walking for Pigeonhole's Autumn/Winter fashion show
+ Seeing a high school friend get engaged then married
+ Debuting Eeva Margita at Made on the Left in July and it was a success
+ Went to Dwellingup with Ali and Lauren (although I felt sick most of the time)
+ Seeing a naturopath for my Crohn's disease, and it seems like it's working! I feel so much better now, fingers crossed it keeps getting better in 2011
+ Best Xmas EVER

Sure I had some dark moments during the year too but the good far outweigh any bad. I don't remember what resolutions I had made though. I know I don't really keep them but I'd like to make a few for 2011.
~ Draw every day. Even if it's a really small scrappy doodle, DRAW! And I'll post all the drawings on the blog (this will help me with updates too!)
~ Update this blog more frequently
~ As I'm feeling better, get more exercise to get my strength back
~ Be better at updating the etsy shop, poor neglected shop

Goodbye 2010, Helloooo 2011!


  1. wow! that's a delightful and well deserved list! so happy for you!


  2. so happy for your wonderful year, thank you for being such a big part of what made mine so freaking fantastic.


  3. Very happy new year to you too! May 2011 be wonderful for you. :)

  4. haha! Hands down best year ever...I'm sure 2011 will be another great year for you, mr A, your business, life and health!

    By the're a bit overdue in posting your "drawings" :P

  5. wow :) definitely an amazing list and I'm sure 2011 will hold even bigger and better things for you niina! you are a trooper x