Friday, October 22, 2010

Pretty Presents

It was my birthday at the end of September (woo I'm 25 now!) and my dear friend Lauren gifted me with some lovely things.

Pug stamp

She got me a stamp of a pug! I loooove pugs, I love the way way they snort it's so beautiful. I was dreaming of how I would one day get a pug called Hamilton Puglington but then I had to face the reality that it would most likely make me sneeze and itchy because that's what short haired dogs do to me if I'm exposed to them for long periods.

Pug pot

Pug pot 2

This teapot is one of the most greatest things I have ever been given! It's a vintage teapot and Lauren drew the most sweetest illustration of a pug on it, I adore it so much. She managed to combine two of my favourite things, isn't she just the best?

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