Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sketchbook peek

I have a bit of an aversion to showing people the inside of my sketchbook. It's full of unfinished ideas and things that don't quite look right. This is something I need to get over but being such a perfectionist it can be hard! So here are some pages from the past few months, enjoy :)



  1. oooh niina... delicious!!

    totally love it all! xox

    you make me want to share my diary too. no way is it as pretty and gorgeous as yours.

    do I see Mr A drawings there?


  2. OMG, I especially love the tabby so much (and the drawings of a person are quite lovely too) - and I love seeing your sketches in general. I would totally love if you signed up for Artslam next round just so I can see even more work from you!

    Speaking of which, totally need to make my first once-a-weekish post for that soon. I think Katie thinks I'm flaking despite reassurances otherwise.

  3. so damn cute!! I think you should show your sketchbook more to us!! I love everything...all the little details and cute expression.

    I see Mr A too...

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