Saturday, June 12, 2010

Birthdays = Cards

There has been a flurry of birthdays lately so I made some cards since receiving a handmade card is always nicer than a hallmark one.

Good times
This one is for Helena. Go check out her awesomeness.

Motorcycle card
Drawing for guys is difficult! First time I've ever drawn a motorcycle, and I cheated a bit, I traced a photo to get the basic shape.

Pretty kitty
Normally I hate how I draw cats, even though I adore them, but I think I've figured out a satisfactory way to draw them.


  1. Um Niina, don't be so silly! You can definitely draw cats. That one is so cute!!!

  2. How come I'm not riding on a bike too? And I think you forgot to draw franco. I agree, handmade cards are the best! xoxoxo