Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My dear neglected blog

Wow, I've been absent for several months now and I am sorry to any readers who were following this blog! You've probably given up on me and stopped reading. I do hope to change that and will try harder to update at least once a week.

So why haven't I been writing? Laziness! Mostly that but also I haven't felt like it and didn't have much to report. Again I apologise!

To bring you up to speed here is what I have been doing (in no particular order):
- watching lots of movies and TV shows and realising how much I love them
- doing my Honours this year and am in the 3rd week of uni so far
- got a couple of illustration jobs
- had my graduation ceremony for my Bachelor in Art (Design)

Not a lot of drawing has been going on sadly. I think I burned myself out a little last year. I have something to reveal soon, I'm just waiting for the print outs to come and then I'll show you all, very exciting stuff! Also once I start doing development work for my final project for uni (I'm writing and illustrating a children's picture book) I'll show bits and pieces of that too.

Also I haven't been reading all my bookmarked blogs! I think I have over a 1000 posts to read, eek! Will get to it some day, I think I read too many.

I'll try not to forget you, my poor little blog!

1 comment:

  1. Golly gumdrops you actually finally updated this thing!!!!

    Want to hear about these illustration jobs, why haven't you updated your online portfolio?
    Oooh, what sensationalist television are you currently enjoying?

    I am also hopping up and down excited over this soon to come big reveal!

    Word verification: Hemen. lol, makes me think of He-man's Semen.
    (Crap, rule 34, I didn't intend to go there on that childhood memory...)