Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My baby

I have a lovely little kitty named Nöpö who I treat as if she were my baby. A couple of months ago she managed to break one of her little toes and had to have a bandage on for 2 months and couldn't go outside. It was very hard on her because she is obsessed with being outside.


Since she has become older (now a year old) her old climbing thing is a little small for her and she keeps tipping it over and yesterday caught her paw on it as it fell, so I decided she needed something bigger and had the perfect one in mind!



The new castle if so massive compared to her old one! We tied the old one to the new one so she can have a really elaborate castle to climb and I think she's pretty happy :)


  1. Awww, your kitten is so lovely!
    Poor girl getting a toe injury - did she wander under a persons long skirt? That's how our now 15 year old siamese injured a lot of his toes as a younger cat (though he never limped so we didn't think he'd done anythign too bad to them), walking underneath his beloved (my) mother. He actually clicks when he walks down the hallway now, though apart from being a little arthritic he's still fairly robust and spends his days having love-ins with Gulliver. Apart from an ear-infection his biggest challenge recently has been adjusting to his new bussom-buddy being long haired - he made unhappy faces for so long about the longer hairs overwhelming his tongue action.

    That's such an extravagant climbing frame! Nöpö looks very happy! I think she's about the same size as Gulli-baby is now, who sleeps in a fluffy cat bed by my futon usually (although he often migrates into my bed and can get himself under the blankets to bite soft butt-flesh through pyjammas in order to wake his bed-mate up, the fucker).

    Your cat seems charming though and probably has better manners than my uncouth little terror.

  2. That is a HUGE climbing thingie! She's so cute :)