Sunday, November 16, 2008

Made on the Left market report

So yesterday I participated in my first craft market! I had spent the last few months in between doing uni stuff to prepare for this market and the past week I've been having little sleep to make sure everything got done on time.

To be honest I was dissapointed. I didn't make as many sales as I thought I would, not that I had huge expectations but I thought I would be more successful. A lot of people commented on how wonderful my things were but they didn't want to buy anything. I think with the whole economic crisis that the media is shouting about, it has scared the customers into thinking they can't spend any money in case something huge comes along. Another reason could be that my target audience wasn't there. A lot of jewellery was being sold, they weren't so interested in the other things as much. And also my prices may have been to blame. Too high perhaps. I had raised them from my original thoughts after getting advice from other crafters, but I think I would lower them to what I had originally intended. Maybe that will make a little difference at the next market (which will be Unwrapped on the 4th December 5-9pm). But I did make more than I would have if I had still been working in my old cafe job so it's not a total loss! Plus the experience was great and it was nice meeting people. There were some people there who recognised my work from the grad exhibition as well! Also I was next to the loveliest girl Anna Vedelago who makes the greatest looking neck pieces out of vintage neckties you must check her out! I would have bought one but I am so dirt poor at the moment I can't spend anything extra these days, it was very hard at the market I kept seeing such nice things everywhere!

So despite the dissapointment, I can't let it get me down! I have to strive to get better and know that someone out there will like my things and will want to buy them!

Here's a couple pics of my stall, I had one with me but oh my gosh it was so terrible! So you'll have to be content with just table photos

I had my Buhni cushions, brooches, 1inch badge sets, Xmas cards (the one with the wombat putting a star on a tree) and original paintings for sale. I know my display looks super lame using cardboard! I had ran out of time to think of anything fancier. I'll try to get a proper display for the next market if I can and also work out a way to show the cushions better - anyone got any ideas? They're so bulky to work with!


  1. Niina - don't loose heart. I felt the same way about my first market earlier in the year. It seems to be a matter of fine tuning and having a variety of product a different price points...and like you say, having the right people along to buy. Your designs and workmanship are excellent, and I definitely think you shouldn't drop the prices on your work because it is such high quality.

  2. I'm sorry to hear the market wasn't quite as yo uhad hoped, Niina! Your table looks great so perhaps like you say your traget audience wasn't there that day or everyone's trying to stash their cash with the whole economic crisis (as much as I'm sure they would love to buy a bunny cushion!) And yeh be careful about lowering your prices, you don't want to sell yourself short!

    I hope you have better luck at the next market!

  3. Hi Niina, i came to your stall and i was the one who also saw your work at the Curtin design show :) I really loved your stall, i bought a couple of brooches off you, which i personally thought were quite cheap, I looked at the amount of work you put in them and thought you probably could have gotten away with selling them between $10-15. I didn't get to see your little canvasses as they were at the back of the table.
    I was actually really impressed that you even had managed to get a stall together in your final year!!! I am 2 years out of TAFE and i have never tried having a stall, but you and a few other illustrators sort of inspired me to give it a go. I always have many ideas and thought about having exhibitions, making brooches, prints etc. but just didn't know where to start!
    All the best for the future and i hope your etsy store goes well too :)