Sunday, November 16, 2008

Graduation Exhibition

Last Thursday was the night of my Grad Exhibition! I spent so much time (and money!) getting ready for it and now it's finally over. It was a good night I think, seeing everyone's work was great. I went pretty early to set up my area and just hanged around with a friend until it opened and then slowly people started to trickle in. The first hour was for industry people to come in and check out the work. They say you should go and introduce yourself to them but how can you know who is who? I wish they had worn a badge or a sticker stating who they were and what field they worked in! So I was too chicken to risk introducing myself in case they were in fact a student or worse, somebody's parent! It was great some of my friends came and were finally able to see what I had been working towards for the past 3 years. I haven't really shared my work with them so they were pleasantly surprised with how much my work had changed since highschool (about 6 years ago haha). Oh and I won an award! I got the award for Most Improved in illustration...kinda makes it sound like I was a crap illustrator before but now I'm good? Haha oh well, it is true though. I've put in a lot of work and effort this last semester and really upped my game. Even I surprised myself! Now enough of words, you're here for pictures!

My banner and table! I wasn't completely happy with my banner but with time constraints it was the best I could do :P

My table with my portfolio and little promo items for people to take as well as the finished copy of my Little Red Riding Hood booklet (I'll post pics of it soon!)

I took some more pictures of my favourites but I won't clog the blog, you can pop over to my flickr for a better look!

So now I've finally finished my Illustration degree! But I will go back next year to do honours so I'll still be studying for another year :P So close to being completely finished with uni!

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  1. Congrats on finishing your degree and your exhibition, Niina! I think your banner and table look great :D