Thursday, July 5, 2012

Miso Crackers


Whenever I feel like a little snack that's still healthy, I turn to this recipe. I found it in a Japanese magazine called tocotoco. I tweaked it a little to fit into my diet and it's soooo tasty! Try it :D

Miso Cracker
~ Combine 50g gluten free plain flour and 50g buckwheat flour in a bowl.
~ In a separate bowl, mix 1tbs vegetable oil and 1tbs miso paste.
~ Put combined miso and oil into the bowl of flour, add 2tbs rice milk and mix. Once nearly combined, use hands to form into a ball of dough.
~ Roll dough out on baking paper/cookie sheet until 2mm thick. Using a sharp knife, make cutting lines (but don't cut all the way through) roughly 5mm apart, then one line in the middle perpendicular to the first.
~ Bake on a pan in 180C oven for 15-18mins.
~ Cracker should be nicely browned, cool on pan and using your hands break the cracker into little sticks.
~ Enjoy!


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    1. Thank you! It's really nice to hear that people enjoy reading my little blog :)