Friday, September 2, 2011


My mom came home from Finland (Suomi is Finnish for Finland) early this morning! She had been there for 3 months having a nice good long summer holiday and helping at my cousin's house, she has a farm and 4 children so is always happy with extra helping hands. And of course my mom came home laden with goodies!

From top to bottom: Moose bottle opener : Wooden cooking spoon and butter knife (it smells so nice!) : Assorted Moomin paraphernalia (because what is Finland without the Moomins?) : Moomin tin box : Cute socks! : Moomin tea towels (yes, I am obsessed with Moomin)

From top to bottom: Thick felt pot holders : Marimekko serviettes (I LOVE Marimekko so so much) : Clover table runner (isn't it the best colour ever!), handmade kitty oven glove : Tree plate

I must admit I have even more stuff, but I thought I would choose the very best to show you...otherwise you'll think I'm very spoiled! But I did give my mom a big wad of cash to get me presents so really, I bought most of it myself :)

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  1. so damn cute! Can't wait to see it being used at your new place (hopefully next door to me :D) The serviettes are beautiful and the wooden utensils with the heart details is just divine! Your mum has good taste!