Monday, June 20, 2011

Print Making Workshop

A few weeks ago Aaron and I went to a print making workshop run by the lovely Magali. I had done some lino cuts before, way back in primary school so I was familiar with it. We first had some practice cutting to get used to the feel of the tools and then we were let loose to create our own designs to print. I chose to do a print of a cat walking along a fence with flowers in the background. Aaron didn't know what to do so I suggested he copy my Golden Half camera.







Even though Aaron doesn't think of himself as creative I think he did a super job. It was really fun and I think I might buy materials so I can do this at home!


  1. that's beautiful! you make me want to get back into the lino cutting :)

  2. ohh! awesome!!! love the lino cuts, you both did a great job...i don't think I could have done any better than aaron!! You'll have to show me one day...amongst a number of things I want you to show me.