Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Candy Stripes

I swear I'm alive! I know I'm a terrible blogger but hopefully that will change soon. I'll be going down to Dwellingup from tomorrow for nearly 2 weeks to join Ali and Lauren for a bit of an artists retreat. Fingers crossed that the time away will recharge my creative mojo because I am really missing it!

Anywho for the time being I have a little something for you guys to have a look at while I re-energise. IKEA was having a sewing contest where you had to make something using at least 70% of their fabric. So I decided to make a sweet bunny! She ended up quite big, I think about 70cm tall perhaps? She may be big, but she sure is adorable. Sadly IKEA didn't think so and didn't choose her to be a finalist. Nevermind, it was a good challenge and now I have someone cute to sit next to while I watch TV.




  1. That is a truly adorable bunny, and it's IKEA's loss for not picking her as a finalist. And if nothing else, like you said, at least you got a cute buddy to watch telly with! :)

  2. Oh she is gorgeous!! Silly Ikea don't know talent when they see it :)

  3. wow!! how cute :-) you are too talented