Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Exercising in Bridgetown


In February I had a client job to illustrate a map detailing exercise stations in a park down in a place called Bridgetown. I think it came out quite well and it is so awesome seeing something of mine in print!


  1. That's awesome work Niina! If you'd like to see more work in print, my friend Ros has been pestering me to ask y'all if any of you would be interested in submitting art to the next issue of the local creative magazine Dot Dot Dash. It's an amateur magazine, but it is attracting some readership, so maybe it's something you'd be interested in. The deadline's the 30th, which is pretty close and the upcoming issue's theme is science-fiction, though submissions can be un-themed. I'm doing a rampaging chameleon illustration/short story (and the layout design for it) cause I think it will be a bit of fun - it's been ages since anyone saw my attempts at writing.

  2. wow cool, thats a great job done there! hopefully it leads to more work!!!

  3. Well done, it looks great! Its really sweet.

  4. it's so damn sweet! you've done such a great job! i want a copy too!..must i go all the way to bridgetown to get one?? xoxox

  5. I meant to comment on this ages ago, Eloise sidetracked me.

    This pamphlet is AMAZING and I'm so jealous. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! So exciting to see where your illustration is taking you!!

  6. oooh, that's awesome :) good on you! I grew up around that area ...so it makes me feel a little nolstagic thinking about Bridgetown lol