Wednesday, February 17, 2010

These are a few of my favourite things

Well a few of my NEW favourite things! Yesterday I went shopping and found the most delightful things!

I popped into Bed Bath 'n Table and they had an Easter spread with lots and lots of really cute decorations. I saw this wooden rabbit and the little ceramic ones and I just had to have them! I'm thinking of using them for future market props. And then the bottle to the side has sweet little birds on them! There were also two larger sizes but I quite liked the small size (it's about 15cm tall). I'll probably also use it as a prop or stuff it with ribbons.


Then I went to Kikki.k to get this bag I had seen on their website. It's made from a really firm canvas so it will last a long time. I think it will be a great 'going to the post office' bag, right?


And then I saw these rolls of tape, with bicycles on them!! It would have been a crime to leave them there :)


  1. aaah, i LOVE the bike tape, its gold!

    and because you're going to deliver stuff in it, and because its kikki.k, that bag reminds me of Kiki's Delivery Service. weird huh?

  2. Oh wow! Awesome! I love the bike tape and the bag, I want that bag for going to the post office trips too! But I feel compelled to use one of my bags.

    I love Kiki's Delivery Service... aww yay!

  3. oh wow, awesome finds :) love it all

  4. Oh, cool! I love the rabbit stuff especially, and the fact that you now have a going-to-the-post-office bag! Speaking of which, I totes need to get an awesome rabbit cookie cutter for Easter. And a fuzzy chick one wouldn't be bad either, or a carrot...

    But I could do a white rabbit, or Velveteen Rabbit inspired ones... excuse me while I plot.

    I'm wondering if I'm baker enough to do a cake AND cookies this year. I mean, in theory I could do the cookies earlier in the week and freeze them...

    *wanders off to check out options*.

  5. i can live in bed bath, i told you that place is like...awesome.

    and the bag is rad!