Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pretty as a picture


I re-did the blog! If you're viewing this post via a blog reader then click here to see the blog in person :) I might still change the background....not quite sure whether I like it or not. Also I couldn't figure out how to get the header section of the blog to not be white in the background, darn html!

EDIT - ugh decided I didn't like the background, it's too busy but I'll leave the screen grab up for now, maybe I'll think of something else later :P


  1. That reminds me, I started creating a blog here myself, but I stalled on getting the branding illustrations done for it.

    I think if you had a soft-coloured background that would work nicely with what you post - maybe something like this piece http://www.flickr.com/photos/niinaaoki/3751118107/in/set-72157600144159921/ with a softer more minty green?

    Or something involving red squirrels again (I totally still have a huge soft-spot for this one):

    Those are just ideas though - obviously you have a far better ken on what will suit your blog posts best, moving forwards.