Monday, February 1, 2010

A few bits and bobs

items from stephaniexu

I've been whipping my credit card out a little too much these days, but when it buys you lovely items such as these how can I say no?

I'm sorry to whoever reads my blog that I haven't updated in over a month. After finishing my honours I really haven't felt like drawing. Also my health went down the toilet but I'm re-building it! I am hoping these new craft materials will kick my creativity into full drive :)


  1. yay! i missed your blogs.

    i lurve what you've bought...

  2. I missed your blogs too! hope you are healing well xoxoxo

  3. ZOMG, I love those yellow pigeon buttons. They're sooooo cute. I think it would be awesome, if you ever got your pigeon patterns made on fabric, if you made some cool white pigeon buttons to be paired with them, then that would possibly be the most fantabulous thing ever.

    Excuse me while I fantasize for a while.