Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Golden Life

Golden Half camera

As a graduation present, I received this wonderful little camera from my mom. It's called a Golden Half because it takes half frame pictures. The beauty of such a camera, is you get twice as many photos from the one roll of film! My camera is a special limited edition version featuring the art of half-Japanese model Chelsea Maika. I've seen her in a lot of magazines I've bought from Japan and always liked her because she looks like a little doll.

I took these pictures ages ago, I think at the start of the year but when I got them developed, despite telling the photo lab that the photos were half frame, they printed them full frame! If I wanted them full frame wouldn't I have just used a normal camera?? So I scanned in the negatives at home, which is probably what I'll do from now on so I don't have to print unwanted photos.

The way these photos are paired, are pure accidents and it's their serendipitous nature that makes these so great :)






All the animals are my pets, boring I know but I love taking photos of them. Writing this post makes me want to buy another roll of film...


  1. awesome photos and i wished the photo lab would do what you told them!

  2. Great pics.
    I totally want a camera like that.

  3. oooh, i am very jealous of your ownership of a interesting-type camera.

    and of your cute pets. i miss my pets.

  4. wow that is a pretty neat camera and nice photos Nii=)
    it definitely would be nice to own one, has a cute look to it too hehe
    where did you mom get it? Cause I know I definitely never seen one like that before =)

  5. Oh wow that's super awesome! Lucky you! Your mother has spectacular taste! Looks like fun fun! Eeee, cute pets :D

  6. Hi there, your illustrations are beautiful! Where do you learn your art? I'd love to learn some illustration/animation, but not sure where to do so in Perth.

  7. Mandy - My mom got the camera from a little boutique store in the city, I've also seen it online. In Australia there is an online store called Via Alley that has lots of awesome toy cameras, dunno about Canada though!

    Sarah - Thankyou! I never 'learned' to draw, I've always drawn since I could hold a pencil! I don't know of any places in Perth where you can learn, but you could always visit the library for some books. "Drawing on the right side of the brain" by Betty Edwards is meant to be a good book :)

  8. Thats really very very cute and I like it all lot. Thanks for sharing this very nice photos from your collection for memories...