Thursday, August 13, 2009

Oh Golly!

Little Golli

I made this little dude for this little dudette's birthday. I think she liked him :)

I'm super proud I crocheted his pants. It was a big feat because I am a rubbish crocheter. For some reason I can never pick up the last stitch when making a rectangle so I end up with a triangle. So Golli's pants are constructed from several triangles. At least from the front you can't see what a mess his pants are!


  1. aaaaaah! i want one. make me one.

    lol, just jokes, and im sure your crocheting is better than mine by like a trillion times...

  2. i love my golly niina dear!!!!!!!! he's at our place and i'm house sitting at the moment so haven't got around to taking cool pictures to blog about him.

    i need a name too..franco is sorta taken lol.

    the way you put him on the looks a little painful...poor golly!!! hehe! But look at him smile..he's so charming! i'm in love.

  3. oh my gosh, he is adorable! you're so talented :)

  4. It is really very cute cartoon. I love your this creation. Thanks for the post and have more like this together for fun.

    dsi r4