Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I'm being neglectful again....

But I'm being neglectful with good reason! I've been catching up on my honours project work. At the moment I am up to the part of doing the final sketches for each page of my picture book. I haven't mentioned the story have I? Well, it's about a dog with a really big nose. His nose is very annoying and his family doesn't like him. But then he puts his nose to good use and redeems himself. I should have finished the sketch part a looooong time ago, I am so behind! So here's a glimpse of what I've been doing instead of blogging...
Honours project peek

This is my final double page spread to sketch out and it is a b**ch. I'm doing it in a comic style format (just this spread) and it's so tedious!!! I hate drawing this tiny ugh. And you see that pile of papers to the left? Those are all the pages I've done so far.

Oh and I must well as doing much needed honours work, I have been re-watching the TV series, Supernatural. I'm up to Season 3 now. Gosh I really love this series!!! I hope there are some others out there who like it too cos I have no one to squeal about it to...except my mom and she's not as obsessed as me, so there's only so much I can squeal about to her without her telling me shut up. The season 4 finale finally showed on Australian TV on monday and OMG so excited for the next season, wish it would come sooner!!!!

Also I need to make a post about the market I did, and re-open my etsy store! I was meant to open it last week but haven't got around to it yet...but don't hold your breath :)


  1. im so excited for you niina, it looks great!

    and i have a VERY basic admiration of supernatural, but those boys are rather attractive.

  2. it's looking great niina! i can't wait to see the finished comic!! it's going to look sooo goood!