Sunday, May 24, 2009

Love/Hate Zine

Myself and other Australian illustrators are putting together a little black and white zine with the theme of Love/Hate.

I got such a complex doing this! I haven't drawn properly in so many months I feel super rusty and after seeing the others work I felt like crap. But then I thought to myself, "It's a zine. It doesn't have to look 'beautiful'." Love I sketched during uni class when I should have been listening to a presentation about...something, then I fiddled with it on Photoshop. And Hate I sketched as quick as I could, I felt dirty drawing it haha!



Have a look at what the others have done:

It's so cool everyone's look completely different, in style and subject :)

(OMG EW a small spider just jumped on me...)


  1. They're so cool!!! Gorgeous! We have a bit of a theme running for love, I think!

  2. Oh, also, oi! Some of us are in swishy Melbourne.

  3. Hahahaahha! It's so cute! Love the bunnies, I knew you and penny would come up with something bunny related! I love the adorable long floppy ears.

    I hateeee roaches! Can totally relate to that....i'm terrified of them! Good job niina! xx

  4. Nina, they're terrific! The cockroach is so dispicable he's good! As for the floppsie bunnies - perfect! Also (to paraphrase Penny) oi! Some of us are in sunny Sydney!

  5. Very, very nice, I love the bunnies and I completely agree with everyone, cockroaches are evil.

    Well done!
    We are almost there!

  6. mmmmm, how can i get my hands on this zine?

    beautiful work sweets. xo