Thursday, October 30, 2008

Looking through Windows on William

Last night I went out to see the opening of Windows on William that I talked about in the last post. I went with a group of Perth etsy girls and it was so much fun! Firstly we looked at the Made on the Left window that they had organised and installed.

The girls were created by Ali J and Jacquie.

Here you can see my little Buhni's!


I love how everything that everyone made matches and not just because we had a colour theme, I guess we all just share similar aesthetics :)

Here's a couple more window installations that I really liked
This one is so awesome and kinda creepy haha

I looove this one, all those fat ladies falling :D By Sean Morris.

The event was kind of interactive in that we could collect a print from each shop, I didn't end up collecting them all, I ran out of time.
Details are on my flickr.

Details are on my flickr. These are my favourites!

Details are on my flickr. Yay the top one is Made on the Left :D

This one is by Flexhaus, you fold it so you can have two different images how clever!
He also had this moustache as a freebie

And finally a couple other things I picked up
A super cool business card by William Topp and a badge by Sean Morris!

The even runs until the 23rd of November I think so go to for more info so you can nab some prints too before they run out!


  1. These look great and are so interesting, thanks for sharing them!

    I think your bunny cushions looks perfect in that cute colourful display!

  2. Oh, these are great!
    The creepy one reminds me of one of the stupid/bad guys in Kure Kure Takora, a 70's japanese childrens show.
    If you're not already familiar with it, you should check it out!
    This blog is dedicated to the show:

  3. Wow all those windows are so beautifully displayed. Oh how nice it would have been to be there to see it all =). I'm glad that you had a great time and your work looks great ^^

  4. Such a lovely display! I´d love to be able to visit!