Thursday, September 4, 2008

Personal Logo

So another assignment I did was to create a logo for your personal identity. My identity is a childrens illustrator so my logo had to reflect that. This is the final one I decided to use:

Initially I was going to use this one when I was coming up with ideas:

But as I progressed further in my development I felt the elephant one had more life and a childrens illustrator feel to it :)
Here is another one that I came up with but decided not to use (although my teacher liked it the best - only because I could do hand written type when I apply the logo to business cards, letterheads, etc)


  1. Niina those logos are gorgeous. You are going to make a great kids' book illustrator!

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  3. Loving the new blog :)

  4. Awww, I love the squirrel one! The Green dress is so cool, also the handwritten text looks very good, nice how it varies between shades!

  5. ooooo preeeeety pictures. I wish I could draw like that but I am useless with a pencil/pen. LOL.

    Love your new blog too.

  6. strange I remember leaving a comment here, guess not =/
    but I'm loving your illustrations Niina, very cute and creative. Also all those nice colours, keep it up =) I really look forward to seeing your work ahead.