Sunday, September 14, 2008

I'm pooped!

Finally finished my assignments for tomorrow!! My wrists are a little achy now from all the painting and colouring in, maybe this is how RSI begins haha.

So I did the first 3 pages of Little Red Riding Hood. I think they came out pretty well, there's a few nit picky things I don't like about them, but overall I'm quite pleased :)


And here's another assignment. The brief was to have an illustration to accompany a magazine article called "I predict a riot" about children having tantrums. I had fun with this one :D


I have another assignment to show as well but I'm so tired now I'll save it for another day :) I feel like all I do are assignments I really should do Illustration Friday or something one day as a break from my routine. Or even do some sewing! I ave a bunch of cushions that need sewing up - I'm making them for a market later in the year. Also some, might I say quite awesome, badges featuring my illustrations :) So look forward to those posts in the future!


  1. Congrats on getting your assignment done, and the illustrations look so good!

    Ps. Go easy on your wrists!

  2. you have been busy!! It's all looking really good.

  3. eeek, they look absolutely adorable. it makes me want to draw little red riding hood too :<

  4. I love little red riding hood! such a fun story to play with and design!

  5. oh wow, I really love the illustrations Niina ! ^_^.
    you're doing a wonderful job on them.